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Landscape-Securing Concrete Retaining Walls

Our timber or concrete retaining walls can provide your home with soil security wherever necessary. Retaining walls assist you with combatting erosion while increasing the property's appeal. If you want to control the layout of your yard or garden, let On Track Retaining help you today.

Understanding the Benefits of a Retaining Wall Installation

With the right block retaining walls around Brisbane, you can experience all the benefits these installations can offer. Here are the top reasons to consider installing such a wall on your property:

Utilise Slopes

Many homes have slopes on the property, which makes gardening quite tricky. Proper retaining walls can turn these slopes into functional gardening spaces. Reducing slopes also simplifies walking in the area, as you can install a flat footpath.

Water Retention

Another benefit of removing slopes is better water retention. Sloped areas cause water to roll downhill, resulting in erosion. Retaining walls can control water run-off and soil ending up at the bottom of the slope.

Reduced Erosion Risk

Sloped soil areas have a much higher erosion risk than flat soil beds. When you install a retaining wall, you better mitigate erosion risk, which increases the overall health of your gardening area.

Customised Aesthetic

One of the main reasons people want retaining walls is their ability to help you sculpt your garden. With these walls, we can turn an ordinary, sloped gardening space into a multi-layered area with footpaths and beautiful individual beds for your plants.


Types of Retaining Wall Materials to Consider

Our options for retaining walls include various materials. Each of these materials has benefits, so take your time before choosing. Here is a brief list of each material type we provide and their primary use:

Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall

A timber sleeper retaining wall provides a natural look that goes well with any garden. These are best for shorter walls that hold up garden beds for planting and easy access.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall

Easily the most durable choice, a poured concrete sleeper retaining wall is ideal when you need tall walls to hold back massive amounts of soil.


Also ideal for shorter builds, these block retaining walls around Brisbane consist of brick, stone, or concrete blocks. It adds more appeal than plain poured concrete but can be expensive depending on the build.

Book Your Retaining Wall Installation Today

Book one of our experienced builders for your concrete retaining walls now, or browse our other services, including pool installations and landscaping construction.

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