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Enjoy Hot Summers With a Pool Installation

With Australia’s hot summers, preparing for the heat with a pool installation is always a good decision. We can assist you with every aspect of the process, from designs to installation, and even provide various material choices. On Track Retaining offers quality landscaping, pool, and retaining wall installations.

Options for an In-Ground Pool

Australia’s scorching summers can mean you want to get your pool soonest. There are different options to consider that can add significant value or better enjoyment of the space. Here are some styles to consider for an in-ground pool:

Concrete With an Aggregate or Plaster Finish

Concrete is the most durable material in commercial pool construction, and you can find examples everywhere. Given the nature of concrete, it also allows for easier customisation of the pool’s shape. However, concrete takes a long time to install correctly and can be expensive.

Concrete With Tiles or Stone

Another durable option is concrete in combination with tile or stone. These installations will also take a long time to complete correctly and can prove difficult to repair when necessary. However, they look beautiful and can easily accommodate your requirement for a custom shape pool.


Fibreglass installations require less time to install and provide minimal maintenance requirements. However, fibreglass limits the number of custom shapes and sizes you can choose.


Vinyl pools are the cheapest commercial options available and can come in various shapes and sizes. The one negative aspect of these pools is that they deteriorate over time and will need maintenance more regularly than other pool types.

Add to Your Existing Pool With Fence Installation

In addition to installing pools, our team can assist you with other services. Here are some examples of what we can do for your pool:

  • Pool fence installation.

  • Pool landscaping for increased appeal in the surrounding area.

  • Retaining walls in the pool area to help shape the landscape better.

Book Your Retaining Wall Installation Today

Book one of our experienced builders for your concrete retaining walls now, or browse our other services, including pool installations and landscaping construction.

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